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Automated cross-chain yield aggregator.

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BNB chain, Avalanche, Optimism etc.

LeechProtocol works across 12+ blockchains, constantly searching for the most profitable strategies and automatically transferring liquidity between chains.

Utilizing sophisticated risk management systems combined with complex farming strategies, and featuring partial liquidations, Leech saves users time and provides them with optimal returns.

Leech constantly searches for the most profitable strategies

Here you can see a backtest from Aug 1, 2022 to Jan 6, 2023, using the USDC/OP pool on Velodrome. We started with $100,000 and compounded daily. The average APR during this time was 50.49%, according to Beefy historical data.

As you can see, using our hedging strategy resulted in a 19.06% portfolio value increase (48.06% annualized), vs a 0.66% increase (1.58% annualized) by providing liquidity to the pool, and a 17.6% decrease by holding 50% USDC and 50% OP. The strategy rebalanced 50 times, costing $1,010 and resulting in a net gain of just over $18K, or 18%, in just over 5 months.


Strategy selection on different chains for User can change at any time

Deposit Liquidity

Choose strategy

General Mixed

Strategy 1     APY x%

Strategy 2     APY y%

Strategy 3     APY z%

Strategy 4     APY b%

High Risk Mixed

Strategy 1     APY x%

Strategy 2     APY y%

Strategy 3     APY z%

Medium risk

Strategy 1     APY x%

Strategy 2     APY y%

Low risk

Strategy 1     APY x%


Leech Tokens

Automatic transfer of liquidity between blockchains

Depending on the risk level chosen, LeechProtocol automatically selects the best strategy for each user. All the user needs to do is select their level of risk.

Lending protocol with partial liquidations

In the classic lending protocol, when a user is liquidated, all of their collateralized assets are liquidated. With LeechProtocol, users are able to sell only part of the asset, allowing them to cover the drawdown and avoid a total liquidation and retain some of their assets.

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Road MAP


  • Community Deveelopment, Marketing, PR, Fonds, Partnership, Board members

MVP Farming (5 Blockchains)

  • Cross-Chain for Avalanche, BNB chain, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon
  • Stablecoin


  • Analytics of DeFi protocol hacks considering from Rekt News list
  • Several Audition of the Smart contract
  • White hacking testing

Hedging strategy

  • Backtest and onchain tests of hedging strategy
  • Launch of lending protocols based hedging strategy

High priority pools integration

  • Integration of pools with the highest profitability and safety score

"Base asset" system launch

  • “Base asset” system allows getting profit on the chosen asset
  • Integration of USD, ETH, BTC, etc… as a base assets

New Blockchains, Bridges and farming pools

Lending Funds for Autofarming

MEV bot integration

  • MEV bot will help us optimize the rebalancing process for all strategies.

Uni v3 Safe Rebalancing Strategy launch

  • The main idea of the strategy is to keep position in the range and don’t lose portfolio value during rebalances

New UI release

CEX integration

  • Integration with CEX to increase the capacity of strategies
  • Expanding the list of supported assets for all our strategies

Security Module Integration

  • Anomalous activity tracking for rapid hacks reaction

Lido Leverage Yield Farming Strategy

  • Lido Leverage Strategy allows earning on Lido (or similar protocols) and provides ooporunity to multiply profit on the “bull” market

Integration strategies into CEXs and wallets to attract crypto newcomers

  • The strategies provide better options to farm and stake, and we plan to add the possibility to integrate them in the external Front-end to get the additional audience.

Insurance module integration

  • Insurance will allow optimizing the portfolio risk management process

Launch the non-custodial application to attract a non-crypto audience

  • Mobile application where users will be able deposit in LeechProtocol pools for 2 clicks via fiat
  • This app will compete with neo-banks

Onboarding financial institutions to protocol to bridge traditional finance and decentralized finance

Core Team

Oleksandr Bondar


Artem Ramazanov


Filonenko Slava


Oleks Dot

Marketing Lead

Danil Sizov

Product Lead

Yuri Cooliq

Blockchain engineer Team-lead

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