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Leech off different blockchain's liquidity... Easily!

Automated cross-chain yield aggregator
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Binance Smart Chain,
Avalanche, etc.

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Leech Protocol works across 12+ blockchains, constantly searching for the most profitable strategies and automatically transferring liquidity between chains. Utilizing sophisticated risk management systems combined with complex farming strategies, and featuring partial liquidations, Leech saves users time and provides them with optimal returns.

About project

Leech constantly searches for the most profitable strategies

Our flagship feature is automatic complex multi-level strategies that our team develops and regularly updates. These strategies incorporate the capabilities of each blockchain and factor in various risk assessments.


Leech Protocol automatically chooses the best strategy for each user.

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How it works
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Strategy selection for User
(can change at any time)

+ Leech Tokens

Deposit Liquidity

Risk Balanced

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Automatic transfer of liquidity between blockchains

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Depending on the risk level chosen, Leech Protocol automatically selects the best strategy for each user.

All the user needs to do is select their level of risk.


Lending protocol with partial liquidations

In the classic lending protocol, when a user is liquidated, all of their collateralized assets are liquidated.

With Leech Protocol, users are able to sell only part of the asset, allowing them to cover the drawdown and avoid a total liquidation and retain some of their assets.

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