Leech Protocol Launch Stages

Our work

The first stage will be held with ambassadors. They will be the first real users to have access to this launch stage. They will have the opportunity to get in touch with the functionality of the MVP protocol and test it. The MVP is just a small part of the final product with only a few of the features that will be available in the future. At this stage, we are looking to receive feedback from ambassadors and make any necessary changes to the project.

Everyone who has not been included in the ambassador program can join our waitlist. Stay tuned to our social networks for more information about the second stage of our launch!

In the second stage, ambassadors and users registered on the Waitlist will have access to the protocol. All users that participate in the second stage of the launch will participate in a progressive retrodrop. They will also have the opportunity to create their own referral link, use it in the third phase of the launch, and receive income from their future referrals. Please note that in the third stage of the launch, referral links will be available for anyone that participated in the second stage and deposited the minimum amount, so make sure to join our waitlist.

In the third stage, everyone will have access to the protocol. At this stage, owners of referral links will receive a commission from their referrals, and a retrodrop from the locked liquidity on the platform. Also, the protocol commission that will be received from referrals will also be distributed to the owners of referral links.

It is worth noting that users in the second stage will receive a larger retrodrop (progressive) than users in the third stage, in addition to receiving a referral link. In this way, we want to thank the early users that believed in us and supported our project.

About Leech Protocol

Leech Protocol is one of the first DeFi 2.0 automatic cross-chain yield aggregators that ensures safe farming of any cryptocurrency with effective risk management for the users. It includes different yield-farming strategies and protocols like Curve, PancakeSwap, Uniswap, etc. To maximize yield-farming and ensure safe earning, Leech Protocol introduces a unique automatic strategy to explore the capabilities of each blockchain.



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