What is farming and liquidity mining

Farming is a combination of ways or tools which helps earn rewards in the DeFi world. It is like mining but without an actual miner 🙂 DeFi Farming contains several strategies like liquidity mining, staking, lending, and borrowing…. But the central part of Farming is liquidity mining. You can think about the meaning and check

13 Feb 2023

Guide from Hacken: How to choose a secure yield farming platform?

The quest for the best yield farming platform is underway. You have already studied the light papers and know the average APYs across the market. The next big step is to look into security. So many questions. Where to start, and what’s essential? How to calculate the risks? Where to get objective data? How long

20 Jan 2023

How Leech Protocol Manages Security Issues: Security Deep Dive

Outside of regulatory issues, the biggest risk facing DeFi at the moment is smart contract risk, or security risk. When real value is involved, users need to have complete confidence in a protocol’s security to deposit money into it. As one of the premiere cross-chain yield aggregator services, Leech Protocol takes security very seriously, and

20 Dec 2022

Leech Protocol Launch Stages

The first stage will be held with ambassadors. They will be the first real users to have access to this launch stage. They will have the opportunity to get in touch with the functionality of the MVP protocol and test it. The MVP is just a small part of the final product with only a

16 Dec 2022


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