Leech Protocol

Updates at LeechProtocol: Enhanced Rewards and Expanded Pool Options!

Leech Protocol Updates


We’ve revamped our rewards structure, now offering a generous 10% additional APR on your provided liquidity for Low-Risk Mixed Pool, USDC on BNB Chain (Venus), and USDT/USDC on BNB Chain (Biswap). This substantial increase is designed to provide even more value to our Leechers community!

Targeted Reward Pools

To experience the power of automated Yield Farming you can provide liquidity into 2 specific pools:

  • Low-Risk Pool: For those seeking stable returns with minimized risk.
  • High-Risk Mixed: For those seeking boosted stable returns

New Pool Additions

We’re also expanding our pool offerings to include exciting new options on both the Venus and Velodrome platforms:

  • Venus Platform: New pools featuring USDT and DAI.
  • Velodrome Platform: Fresh pools with msUSD, sUSD, USDV and LUSD.

These additions provide more opportunities for our users to diversify their strategies and enhance potential earnings.

Removal of All Limits

In our commitment to providing a flexible and user-friendly platform, we have removed all limits on the protocol. You can now invest as much as you like across any of our pools without any restrictions.

Join Us Now

With improved rewards, focused pools, new additions, and no limits, LeechProtocol is set to be your go-to platform for yield farming. Dive into our updated offerings and start maximizing your DeFi potential today!

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