Leech Protocol

Leech Protocol partners with THENA

Leech Protocol and THENA have announced a partnership to provide users with an unparalleled, secure, and automated yield farming experience. This exciting collaboration combines Leech Protocol’s advanced yield farming automation with THENA’s position as the largest ve(3,3) DEX on the BNBChain, promising users access to THENA’s pools without the hassle of manually moving liquidity themselves!

Automated Yield Farming with Audited Smart Contracts

Leech Protocol is at the forefront of automating yield farming routines. The platform navigates users to the complex world of yield farming by identifying pools with high Annual Percentage Rates (APRs), transferring liquidity across different chains to maximize yields, and performing swaps and bridges when necessary. Crucially, all operations are executed via smart contracts that have been audited by HACKEN, a leading cybersecurity company.

Empowering Users with THENA’s Robust Infrastructure

THENA has emerged as a powerhouse in the decentralized exchange realm, boasting the status of being the largest ve(3,3) DEX on the BNBChain. After extensive research and evaluation, Leech Protocol has chosen to integrate its cutting-edge algorithms with THENA’s pool ecosystem. This strategic decision empowers users by automating their liquidity provision across multiple THENA pools, offering them a continuous stream of yields.

A Seamless Five-Step Process

The process of using Leech Protocol’s automated yield farming system through THENA is straightforward and user-friendly:

1️⃣ Liquidity Provision: Users provide liquidity via the app.leechprotocol.com interface.

2️⃣ Algorithmic Optimization: Leech Protocol’s sophisticated algorithms analyze the THENA pool landscape, identifying pools with the most favorable APRs based on the user’s chosen risk level.

3️⃣ Effortless Liquidity Placement: The user’s liquidity is seamlessly directed to the identified THENA pools.

4️⃣ Continuous Yield Generation: Users enjoy a steady stream of yields generated from their automated liquidity provision.

5️⃣ Adaptive Optimization: If the APR of a chosen pool decreases, the system reinitiates the optimization process to ensure users consistently earn optimal yields.

Beta App and GALXE Whitelisting Campaign

To ensure a seamless user experience and gather valuable feedback, Leech Protocol is offering access to its hyper-incentivized pools exclusively to whitelisted users through a Beta app. Interested individuals can apply for the whitelist by participating in the GALXE campaign.